Bainsford Laundry Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10-3 pm
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Outdoor Clothing Sports Equestrian Protection

Outdoor activity wear is technical fabric manufactured to protect the wearer while optimising comfort. We take special interest in outdoor activities and understand the challenges of washing technical waterproof clothing, maintaining the fabrics wicking properties without damaging the delicate waterproofing system. For outdoor enthusiasts, be it mountaineering, hill walking, cycling, skiing etc, keeping their specialised clothing in perfect working order is important to maintaining their investment for both comfort and performance.

We launder outdoor clothing using only Nikwax specialist liquid detergent. After washing we reactivate the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment as standard.



We offer a full service. Launder and zip lubrication and water repellent restore treatment when the existing treatment is no longer effective. We use nikwax specialist durable water repellency applied effectively in soak tanks, and activated to provide the best protection for the longest period.

We can treat many boots, gloves and hats in the same manner. Our equestrian service includes horse rug cleaning and water proofing using only Nikwax rug proofing. Event outfits will be cleaned and presented to complement the occasion.

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